Friday, 29 October 2010


Just before I go to bed, welcome to my latest follower, Irene. Posts are going to be few and  far  between at the moment as last night we had the hair and make up trial run for the wedding, great fun even though I had had a crap day, but it brought it home how close it is! Had to spend tonight making bows with Joe and Emma's name on a ribbon and the date of the wedding and to try and make them so they could say everything that is on the ribbon "Emma and Joe,19th December 2010  making bows isn't easy at the best of times but trying to get the writing the right way up was tosh , they are to be stuck on 3" galvanised buckets that will hold the wedding favours Not easy!! 12 down  8 to go. I finally got the material to make the Ascot ties to day, so next week will be spent making the ties, I really don't think I will find time to post. Thanks for sticking with me, it's early days  ;- ) but I need to sign off until New Year, I've fallen out with minis, not through choice but because I need to sort RL out, we've only got one  child, a daughter, and this is her wedding day.


  1. Good luck and stay in touch!
    hugs K

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Chelle. It'll all work itself out in the end, I'm sure.

  3. Thanks Irene, I'm sure it will. What with the heartache of Fern and the collywobbles of the wedding I don't know whether I am coming or going. LOL.