Friday, 15 October 2010

Another Freaky Friday.

Considering on Wednesday night I had a list as long as my arm of RL things to do before we came up to the Lakes, by lunch time everything was done and dusted. I decided I would get the office chair materials back out, the ones I had put away in disgust! and bring them with me, whether it will get made or not is another matter, time will tell. I should have some spare time on my hands tomorrow morning as the shooting season has started here in the UK and Steve will be off in the morning to "Beat" with Bramble, I sorely wish that Fern was going as well but she is going to have to sit this season out, a 5 mins walk on the lead is all she can manage at the moment.
I found another wall light in my stash this morning so it has gone on the landing area so that whoever decides to pick up a book, take a seat and read can see what they are doing. LOL. I mentioned last week that it is 1-2 degrees colder here in the Lakes than at home and boy have we felt it tonight, it's time to get the furry slippers out! A frost is forecast tomorrow night but it won't surprise me if we got one tonight as the sky is perfectly clear, I love Autumn as long as it isn't wet.
See you tomorrow....

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