Monday, 1 November 2010

Little Prezzies To Brighten My Day.

As you'll know by now I hate Mondays and today is no exception, Steve is away on a course for a few days and the weather is grey and miserable, matches me perfectly! That was until the Postie came and rang my doorbell to hand me a package, I knew straight away who it was from and look what I found when I opened it.

Aren't I lucky? One of the apples even has a little worm in it! I was sat there last night thinking it may be nice to make a Halloween room box to sit in the window, perhaps a witch brewing up potions, and now I've got all the spooky bits to start it off and I've even got the perfect wine crate to do it in. Maybe Mondays aren't too bad after-all. ;-)
 BTW, They were from Karin in Canada, Thanks K.


  1. What a nice surprise!! Yes you will have to make a scene and show us what you did. We all like eye candy. We all need a lift sometimes. I am so glad that Karin did that for you.

  2. Yes, it was a lovely surprise but I can't think about another project until the "hallway" is finished. Well I can think and plan but I must not start.