Friday, 28 October 2011

Sleigh Update # 3 and Up Popped a Parlour Palm

Not much to show on the sleigh front. The sack is made and a variety of toys and presents are being made but they all need assembling. It's all rather slow going and while awaiting for glue to dry again I made another pot plant, this time a parlour palm.

I don't expect I'll get much done now as I have another mini distraction . May I present........

 Moss, a twelve week old Springer Spaniel.

Bramble decided if she averted her eyes it may go away and Bracken was scared and watched her every move.

See you later...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sleigh Update # 2

I've just had 2 days of annual leave, because Monday was our 30th Wedding Anniversary, but things conspired against me and I got no minis done so I was determined yesterday that the day wouldn't be wasted.

After I decided on kitchen string for the decoration and waiting for the paint to dry I set about applying it to the sleigh. Patience is a virtue I certainly do not possess! Applying a line of glue and waiting for it to go tacky and then waiting while the string dried was doing my head in and as usual I got side tracked. Remember the gift I got for re-subscribing to my magazine well it contained some blue garden pots so I decided I would make a fern to go in one of them. That of course meant also waiting for glue to dry again so I alternated between the two, wait for string to dry make leaves, wait for leaves to dry glue more string and so on and so on. Eventually all string was stuck and dry and all leaves were made.

I apologise in advance for piccie quality but I'm having to use my old camera, the lead for my usual camera is in my laptop case and I've sent my laptop away for an up-grade. DOH!


.I just need to make Santa's sack and some toys. I'll have a good look through my stash as I'm sure I got things left over from previous Xmas projects.

See you later....

Friday, 14 October 2011

Sleigh Update # 1

Despite my injured finger the sleigh is constructed and painted. I decided to go with the green as it is only for my personal pleasure and therefore accuracy isn't crucial.

The black box like structure is the seat and cargo hold but I will put that in at the last minute because it is made from leather and I'm bound to get paint on it! I now have a dilemma as how to decorate the sides because my freehand painting skills are not up to the job. Maybe some cord painted gold or some stickers, I'll have to have a think over the weekend

See you later....

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Thing mas, I refuse to say the Christ bit until 1st of December but it doesn't stop my thoughts wandering there and related projects. Apart from some teapots and other small bits and pieces ( I now have loads of UFO's)  I haven't done any mini-ing for months,mainly because my head has been all over the place with work but last week common sense reigned, and a campaign to get me back by the staff,  I am now back in the medical block. So yesterday I decided to get my life back on track and get some serious stuff done. I have a beautiful Fibre Optic Xmas tree that I bought at the Dolls House Emporium at Houghton Hall, near Carlisle a few years ago, which always goes out side my dh at thing-mas but I wanted more of a scene and had a idea floating round about Santa and his sleigh loaded with presents. So last night was the night to start it. After finding the project

This is a printie but I planned to use it as a template and make a more substantial one from card stock and bass wood. Got all my supplies together and then realised I needed a new blade in my Stanley knife, replace it, check, but with what happened next I don't know whether that was a good or bad thing. Somehow I managed to twirl the knife in my grasp resulting in one rather nasty gash to my  index finger. Fast forward 45 mins and it is still bleeding, although abating, and I am beginning to wonder whether it needs stitching. Decisions, Ermm  a long night in AE or a chilled bottle of dry, white in the fridge. The wine won, but I still haven't had the courage to take the plaster/band aid off this morning. Do you know how difficult it is to work without putting pressure on your index finger? Right handed, right index finger, I think that is called Sod's law!! Anyway onwards and upwards, things went rather slowly and gingerly for the rest of the night and I didn't get as much done as I wanted but I did get the sides of the sleigh cut, I hoped to have it all constructed but Alas it wasn't to be.

I now have a dilemma, I want to dress Santa in Green, which was the original colour before coke cola got hold of him, and the question is "Would his sleigh have been green as well?" I've Googled it but am going round in circles so any suggestions or images would be gratefully received.

Going off topic, this unseasonally warm weather has produced a freak of nature in my garden. My lilac tree, which flowers in Spring, is shedding it's leaves for Autumn, but is also flowering. Albeit with small flowers but flowers never the less!!

See you later....