Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Don't make plans!

This morning I had no plans for anything, RL or mini, so wouldn't you just know it everything fell into place and I got plenty of RL stuff done and plenty of mini-ing. I won't bore you with the RL details as we all have it to do. I rooted through my stash and found a ceiling light and some wall lights, non working, well they are now as I cut the wire off. I've no idea where they came from  but it saved me buying or making some, remember I am trying to make this with stuff from my stash. I glued those in, put up a book shelf complete with books and tissue box, the tub chair and foot stool are nearly finished and I found my pattern for a bean bag. So all in all it's been a good day and by the time I went to work I was a happy bunny. Fern seems a lot better today so that was more good news, tonight I am too tired for anything so minis will have to wait.
See you tomorrow....

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