Friday, 1 October 2010

Productive Day.

I've had a very productive day, mini wise, I decided to go with the PC corner rather than an under stairs wall and door, probably because that was the easy option rather than cutting card stock to fit the space with angles ,ugh. I scoured the internet this morning but stuck with Jim's, I haven't been on there for ages and was surprised at some of the new stuff that's on there, needless to say I am going to sign up for the newsletter, it's astonishing how printies have come on from when I started with this highly addictive hobby. So this morning was spent researching and printing. This afternoon I made the table to go in the corner of the hall, it's a triangle but with a curved side, why did I make a 3 legged table? A 3 legged table doesn't wobble! that's why milking stools have 3 legs. Left it to go to work all glued and braced etc which was a blessing, as I hate waiting for glue to dry, came home and everything was set and sorted. I was planning to cut out and make the printies but I am tired, I overslept this morning, alarm goes off at 7.15am, Steve gets up and I leave him to it and watch the morning news upstairs, this morning Steve got up and next thing I knew he was tapping me on the shoulder at 8.15. I think the problem is I have been so stressed about Fern that now she seems to on the mend I am letting go. She has had a really good day today, she has had 4 full meals progress!! 
See you tomorrow.....

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