Sunday, 28 October 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy.

I've been really busy on the mini front just recently, most of it is because of the swap group I belong to. There's the usual Birthday swaps but I signed up for the Xmas Advent swap which meant 25 little presents to be posted out before the end of November, Eeek! Luckily I had quite a bit of stuff that I had made that was surplus stock but I've still had lots to do. I was beginning to think I would never get it all done but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, thank goodness! I haven't counted but I think I have only a couple more to do, next year I will have to start a bit earlier.

One of the ladies in the swap group has just had a Birthday and I sent her a needle punched rug and some roses in red, black and white but stupidly I forgot to take a piccie of the roses, never mind you've seen my roses before. I did photograph the rug though.

I posted this out from the post room at work at 3.50pm on a Friday and lo and behold it arrived with Sally Saturday morning!! On the other hand it has just taken a little prezzie to reach Karin in Canada over 4 weeks to arrive. This was one of the reasons I shutdown my eBay shop as it was too stressful waiting for things to arrive and something that was supposed to de-stress and be enjoyable became a stress maker instead. I am much happier making things for myself and making things to sell would never have made me millionaire anyway.


I'm off to hopefully finish my advent stuff

See you later.....