Friday, 8 October 2010


After ticking everything off my list of RL things to do yesterday I awoke this morning with nothing planned apart from stuff that has to be done everyday. I found a pair of oily overalls, thoughtfully placed in a heap on the kitchen floor, that needed washing. By the time it got to midday I found I had done all the mundane trivia and acquired a leather bean bag in the process.I started it while having my morning coffee and a bit here and a bit there and it was done. I've made bean bags before but this one just seemed to get made by itself so that's another item to go in the box.
 And in place.
 Tonight I'm hoping to finish the footstool and chair.
See you tomorrow.....


  1. Bean bag chair looks good but I am really impressed with the computer set up. Paper?
    What did you use on the walls? Tissue paper?
    really really good!

  2. PC, Printer and print cartridge boxes are from Jimm's printies
    I also have a laptop to go in there as well.
    Walls are RL Blown Vinyl wallpaper that is in my RL Hallway.