Sunday, 19 September 2010

To Blog or not to Blog?

Why start a Blog? I can't answer that one other than the fact I kept a diary from the age of 9 until I got married and then stopped and I now feel the need to share my all consuming hobby with others, without being interrupted. I tried Forums for a while but decided they weren't for me as you encounter people, who in real life, you'd run a mile from and it all became too time consuming and therefore gave me less time to "mini". With a Blog I can post as and when I want without having to answer to, or appease others, well that's the theory anyway. I hope you'll bear with me while I find my feet.
I have one dolls house, which I acquired about 8 years ago, from a promotion in the Daily Mail newspaper. As a child I always wanted a dh but Santa never came up with the goods so when the Mail offered their promotion it was too good to miss. You had to collect tokens from the newspaper everyday, I think it was 40, and then you just paid p&p of £34.95, then they offered furniture for all the rooms on the same deal. Fast forward 3 months and there I am, with the long wished for dh and furniture, and not a clue what to do with it! Then, disaster struck, I got made redundant, I now realise it was a blessing  in disguise as I had been un-happy in my job for a while and it gave me the push to get a new job. What it crucially gave me was a lot of time on my hands and, therefore, internet time. Suddenly, a whole new, mini world opened its doors to me and I realised what I could do with my dh.  Printies were my first revelation and wallpaper, bags,boxes you name it were suddenly at my fingertips.
From that day on there was no stopping me and it brought out my creative side from my child hood, I was always the child waiting for the empty washing up bottle for the "Blue Peter" project!! There is nothing I won't try at least once, although I can't say I am brilliant at things more "Jack of all trades and master of none" but I do know that what I mini brings me great pleasure. :-) 
Most nights will find me watching TV and with another mini creation in my hands and I try to make at least half an hour during the day to mini, without feeling guilty!!

 All my creations can be seen here


  1. not sure what a blue peter is.... but all I can say is: you go girl, you rock!!
    hugs K

  2. forgot to say: keeping my fingers crossed for your baby. I know what it's like!

  3. I'm happy to have found you through Karin's post. I may not comment much over the next few weeks as I'm (supposed to be!) really busy with university work - it's nearly the end of semester 2 here in Australia but I'm certainly 'signing up' as a follower and look forward to seeing more of your projects.

    (BTW I have an 'ancestral connection' with Lancashire, more specifically the Atherton/Tyldesley area)

  4. Welcome to blog land! :) It will soon be your latest addiction (consider yourself warned), LOL

  5. Oh no! I don't need any more addictions, mini-ing is quite enough for me to cope with.