Friday, 24 September 2010

Back To Minis.

Considering I started this Blog to talk about my minis, for obvious reasons, not much mini-ing has been done this week.When I got up this morning I resolved to put that right so after some RL stuff that had to be done I made a start. First thing was to up-date my Webshots page, which with being on a Forum for 12 months, had been badly neglected. That has now been done if you want to take a look, more will be added over the weekend but, hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!
I am lucky enough to have a workshop attached to the house to do my mini-ing in, although most of it gets done at the dining table at night, but the workshop gives me somewhere to keep my growing arsenal of tools and my stash,  which grows by the day. Today was the day to take the bull by the horns and tidy it before it got that bad that I couldn't get to my work bench. The workshop is a conservatory but without the double doors leading onto the garden and the intention was to put kitchen units round it so I had somewhere to store things but just after it went up Emma announced she was getting married so it has gone on the back burner for the time being. I don't usually make New Years Resolutions but I am this time, to get my workshop kitted out. I'm one of these people who likes things tidy, everything has a place and everything in it's place, I know, I know, I'm sad but I can't work in chaos, although my workshop looks chaotic, I know exactly where everything is and God help the person who moves something! With playing with my new "toy" last night there was sawdust and bits of wood everywhere so that is all gone and everything is as spick and span as it can be, given my lack of storage.. The good thing about all this burst of activity is I've now decided on my next project. When I was tidying I up I came across a wine crate under my work table,( I have 4, crates that is, not tables) that is 24"x12"x4", when I was first given it I had no idea what to use it for as it is an odd shape, but today it suddenly hit me that if I stood it on it's end and put a floor in half way up (Xmas room boxes) I could make a hallway, landing scene as I have some spare stairs knocking about, and yes! I do know where they are, so tomorrow I am going to make a start.
As a foot note, Fern is again a little bit better today but considering how things were this time last week when we had just got her back from the vets after her blood transfusion and didn't know whether she would last the weekend, life looks pretty darn sweet.
See you tomorrow.....

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