Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Best Birthday Present Ever......

Today's my birthday and this morning I got the best present ever, Fern got out of her basket to greet me when I came downstairs. She has been ever so slightly better today and not as unsteady on her feet, the vet said it could take months before she's back to full fitness. As for other prezzies, zilch! although to be fair, with wedding preparations in full swing, I did tell Steve not to bother with anything. Our daughter gets married on 19th December so that has to be the priority at the moment, Steve and Joe (future SIL) are going for suit fittings on Friday and I have the Ascot ties to make yet, luckily there are only 3 to do. I did order a birthday prezzie to myself on Friday night which I hoped might arrive today but no such luck :-(  I think that was a bit of retail therapy as Fern had just been taken ill and I got an E-mail about something I've had my eye on for 18 months that I was informed was 1/2 price, so I just had to take them up on the offer. More about that when it arrives but I can say, if it stops me slicing my darned thumb with the Exacto just once it will be worth every penny. I've not done any mini-ing today as I had RL stuff to deal with, some of which was retail therapy for every day clothes before I end up walking around in rags, I HATE shopping but it had to be done. I've got an idea formulating for a small make that shouldn't take long but at the moment I am sourcing materials and can only find black and I would rather have green, but hey ho, that's how life is. We can't always have what we want. See you next time......


  1. Happy Birthday and glad to hear your doggy is getting better!

  2. Ditto, what Margaret said. Maybe you only got that one Birthday present this year, but it's an awful good present. :) Happy Birthday Chelle.