Thursday, 30 September 2010

Real Life Thursdays.

If you carry on following my blog you will come to realise Thursday is my day for RL house cleaning, I'm not going to bore you with moans, Urghh cleaning, as I love to clean, I know, I know I'm sad but I even do it for a job. That's one of the reasons I am a bit hacked off at my workshop kitting out being put on hold because of "The Wedding" but hey we've only got one child and it will be the most important day of her life, but it also means in the workshop I have no where to store stuff.
I am also a demon for lists, if I make a list for what needs to be done that day I can then justify my mini time, Thursday's list is long and I usually end up finishing it on Friday, that way when we come back from the Lakes on Sun  night I can start the week with a nice clean tidy house. Today all my list got done, BIG tick! but then I went to work and cleaned again and was pooped, because I didn't do much yesterday I was determined to do something, big mistake! Trying to cut a piece of material on the backside so pencil doesn't show, so therefore working in reverse, when you are tired this is not recommended, and then I cut a piece off that was meant to stay there so had to start again, lost time, I eventually got there but it was slow going. I'll post piccies tomorrow but I had a total re-think about the hall way, I was going to put  a wall  under the stairs with a door etc. where we all store junk but when I got the stairs in place it shouted "PC corner" as in a modern home, will have to see what I can find tomorrow for printies for a PC. If you know of any sites give me a prod (I know Jim's). Talk about  a project taking on a life of it's own? 
See you tomorrow with piccies, worked hard today so tomorrow is mine, he he he

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  1. You love to clean??!! Oh I wish I could say the same thing... *sigh*