Saturday, 25 September 2010

Back in the swing of things.

I've spent the whole day mini-ing, bliss. I've made real headway with my room box, I got the ceiling/floor in and used my new saw to cut the wood! The staircase I had was too short so I had to put a return on to extend it, wasn't too difficult but I hate waiting for glue to dry and as I haven't decided what I am putting in the box yet I couldn't make any accessories while I waited. I've just got the last bit of bannister to put on and it's finished. Tomorrow I need to give the box a coat, or 2, of emulsion but I'm not messing around in the garage tonight looking for paint, apart from anything else, it was the start of our Autumn Season on Thursday and the days have definitely gone Autumnal, cold first thing and last at night. Today has been glorious but it's a bit chilly now so it's better to stay in doors. Off to fit the last bit of bannister.
See you tomorrow.....

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