Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I Did Mini.

My days seem to be resolving around getting Fern better,  although it was good news this morning she is still not out of the woods and my day seems to be spent cooking chicken, boiling rice and making gravy so I can get her to eat something. I did do some mini-ing today, quite a bit actually, but have not taken photos yet, tomorrow I promise!I papered the box, put the Minton tile floor in and made a start on the carpeting, ( I found the material I had in my stash) but carpet was started tonight after work (I work 4pm-7pm) and when I got home I was pooped so gave in to the urge to slob and did just that.Had a good day at work, but it could have started bad, as my new supervisor rang me this afternoon to say we all had to go on refresher course and the reason for that is because a handful of cleaners are c**p. I was vindicated this afternoon when supervisor came to see me and asked if he could use my workstation as an example of how things should be.. Backhanded compliment or what?  Days like that I think it may be worth it? I never do things by half that's why I strive to improve with my mini-ing, I get great pleasure in doing something and then seeing faults and resolving to do it better next time.

See you tomorrow...... with piccies, (I know everyone likes piccies!)

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  1. I've been enjoying following your posts. Glad to hear of Ferns progress and am so happy to hear her blood count is coming up!