Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A Wonderful Surprise.

As the majority of us are eagerly waiting for Daddy Chrimbo to arrive you'll be familiar with the feeling of Anti-climax on Boxing day when we think, "Is that it?" we plan for weeks and then it is all over in a flash. Imagine how I felt on Monday having planned a wedding for 12 whole months, neither the DH or I were at work and I seemed to wander around the house, aimlessly, not really knowing what to do with myself. Yesterday was just as bad with the added pain of being back at work so imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived home and the postman had been, later than normal due to adverse weather, and brought me a surprise.

They were made by Elly, you may remember she made me the cross-stitch portrait of Bracken, well she also makes these little flowers. I saw them on her blog the other day and marvelled at them and now I have my own, Thank You Elly. They are perfect for in my Xmas room box which is the only decorations we have up and that is only there because it never got packed away after I finished making it!
See you later....

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