Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Vet Called.

Since Fern's blood-count drop last week we have been on edge all week waiting for this weeks visit and result, bad news it was down again to 21. :-((  It's so frustrating as she seems so bright in herself, take a look at the photo of her in the snow at weekend, does that look like a poorly dog? The vet can't understand it either as all her other results are normal so she decided to send the results to Liverpool Veterinary Hospital to see what they make of it all and we got the results today. Good news :-)))) at last,  we hope. They think her Chemo dosage is too high and as well as suppressing her immune system, which we want, it is also suppressing her bone marrow production, which is not good. We have to cut her dosage down and hopefully, fingers crossed, when we go back after the weekend there will be some improvement. Is it any wonder I'm not in the mood for mini-ing.
See you later....

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