Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It's Curtains For Me.

Just as Irene posted her comment yesterday I was watching the lunch-time news that was broadcasting about how bad it was in Edinburgh and now this morning they are saying that the Government are debating whether to bring in the army to clear the streets there. Why, Oh why does the UK grind to a halt when we have bad weather? Why are the side roads never cleared or even gritted? Why are there no Grit Bins on street corners? Why are there 7,000 schools across the UK closed? Why have I never in my life seen a snow plough? I despair, OK enough of my rant, back to mini-ing.
On Monday I said I had started my curtains for the "hallway" and they were drying on the radiator, I say drying, as after I have put them in the pleater I spray them with starch. Yesterday morning as I was having my first cup of coffee I removed them from the pleater but was disappointed as I felt the pleats weren't as crisp as they should be. I then remembered that I had read somewhere that hairspray can also be used so I put them back and re-sprayed them and when I came home from work I checked them again and success, so I think in future hairspray is the way forward.
Talking of work, as I mentioned yesterday, I am not snowed in so had no excuse not to go,  I reluctantly had to put the minis to one side and go and do some honest toil which also turned into something good as I had had an audit and I got top marks across the board."The girl done good"  When I got home, after having something to eat, I continued to work on the curtains. I seem to have got my mojo back and I think the reason it had gone was, sub-consciously, my mind wouldn't settle to it because I knew I had things to do for the wedding, now they are out of the way I am free again. Talking of free, last night I wan't really, as at 8.30 I had to stop, probably along with 3/4 of the UK population, to watch the next gripping episode of Corrie, OMG how much can go wrong? and then I had to watch 50 years 50 moments so mini-ing was slow but I did finish the curtains..
and I even picked up the "Tiffany" style lampshade that proved my downfall a few weeks ago and was the straw that broke the camel's back, it came together like a dream

After adding a mirror

And a mouse mat and mouse, I think it's finished!

I've got some secondary double glazing film, the stuff like cling film that you heat with the hair-dryer, to put over the front to keep dust out and I will put picture frame round it.
See you later.....


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  1. Oh Chelle...the room box looks great! I especially love the view from the wondow.
    Wished I were sat down with you watching Corrie. I can't even watch online as ITV sold those rights.
    hugs K