Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Weather and The War of the Roses.

There is always great debate between Lancastrians and Yorkshire men as to who lives the right side of the Pennines.With Britain being it the grip of the "Big Freeze" I think Lancashire has come out on top, again, as while most of Yorkshire is covered in snow, where I live in Lancashire has had virtually no snow at all. We had a very light dusting last Wednesday and that was it until this morning when it tried, but didn't get anywhere, again. Of course we've had the freezing weather, like everyone else, but it is just freezing the moisture, not piles of snow.

     Lancashire 1- Yorkshire 0

For all of you poor people snowed in, use it as an excuse to mini (as if we needed an excuse lol) and above all, stay warm and if you do venture out, take care.
See you later.....


  1. Chelle, you'll no doubt have seen the news reports that Scotland has all but come to a standstill! Hubby and I spent the morning digging ourselves out as the main M8 to Glasgow (where hubby works) has been closed and he's working from home. Some poor folk were stuck there overnight. Once I've got to grips with a major kitchen clean (real size) I'll be right back to mini-ing. I can't think of a better way to pass the time while stuck in the house. Mind you, I had plans to finish the Xmas shopping but there's still plenty of time for that. Minis are definitely the way to go!

    I hope you're good too and enjoying your new space!

  2. Thanks for your note about the 'mitre snips', it's always useful to know what different things are referred to in different places.

    Yay for Lancashire!! (My ancestral home)