Thursday, 30 December 2010

Off At A Tangent, Again.

It was back to work yesterday but considering it was an ordinary day, and my recent lack of mojo, I got a lot of mini-ing done, far more than the 1/2 hour I try to, at least, make every day. I made a bookcase  for my witch (more about her later) to store her potions in. I searched my stash to see what I could use, trying to keep the costs down again, I've said before I'm a Scrooge,. I knew I had the magical minis that Karin sent me a few weeks ago, which were the inspiration for this room-box, so they sat nicely on the bookcase. 

I then came across another prezzie, again from Karin, that I received last year, a little baking scene of making gingerbread men. Now here is where I wander off at a tangent, why would a witch be doing a nice homely thing like baking cookies instead of boiling bat’s blood or something as equally gruesome? To catch the children of course!! So a table was made for her to work at.

This is where the jumble of ideas on the back burner of a miniaturists' mind all come together. A couple of months ago Dollshouse and Miniature Scene mag reviewed a Sue Heaser kit for a newborn baby which they said was easy. Now dolls aren’t my thing really as I find some of them rather creepy but this baby looked kind of sweet and at £10 for the mould and enough Fimo etc to make 4 of him (or her) I thought it was reasonable especially if you weigh up the cost of a kiln if you wanted to make porcelain dolls. OK so there is £3 p&p, so to keep costs down, I ordered the man and lady moulds as well, is there a warped logic in there somewhere? I bet you’ve all done it, LOL! So I will also have the mould for a witch when they arrive. So the idea is to make a baby and put him in a cage on the floor while the witch checks her crystal ball to see when he is ready to ????

See you later....


  1. The bookcase looks good and yes, I understand your logic - it follows mine! Looking forward to meeting your baby!

  2. huh.... didn't even remember sending all that. I have some witchy charms that I'm sure you'll be able to use. As soon as I get a minute I'll pop some in the mail for you.
    hugs K

  3. Cheers K, this one's taking on a life of its own and is going to take longer than I thought, especially with the baby and witch.