Saturday, 18 December 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For.

364 days ago our daughter rang me while we were at the van and said she and Joe had set the date for their wedding, the date she rang-  19th Dec 2009, the date they had set- 19th Dec 2010. As Steve and I set off for the Brown Horse, "Apres Shoot", it started to snow and we decided we needed to bail out and go home, as per 3 weeks ago, otherwise we would be snowed in, wise decision.Emma commented, off the cuff, "wouldn't it be nice if we had a white wedding?" to which I replied "Yeh, right!!" Fast forward to the present and this is what we have awoken to this morning,

My Car!
Hey Ho,....

On the mini front, last Sunday I got the Halloween box painted inside and started making the egg carton flagstones, I'm really pleased at the way they have turned out.

Please note the still tidy workspace after 2 whole weeks, my workshop acquired another double base unit this week so all units are in, although not fixed in place. As I was doing the flagstones last Sunday night I realised I would have to give it a rest this week as paint under the fingernails and dried glue on one's hands is not a good look for the mother of the bride so all I've done this week is smother my hands in Udder cream, yes you did read that right "Udder" as in cows. It is brilliant stuff and acts as a moisturiser and a barrier cream, great for me as my job means my hands are often damp. It's worked a treat as my hands are looking good.
Off now to get things ready for tomorrow, so much to do, so little time, but before I go I must show you my darling Bramble wearing this years must have outfit, a snowball coat.

See you later.....

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