Sunday, 12 December 2010

I'm On A Roll.

Yesterday was a really good day, I tweaked the hallway room-box and added a mouse, mouse trap (something I always put in my scenes) a couple of butterflies, (which were Fimo canes, a bargain find on E-Bay) and a clock (which was a button of all things) and then all I had to do was cover it with the double glazing film.Sorted!

This also turned out to be a bargain buy off E-bay as until yesterday I had never opened it and there is loads of the stuff and I could cover 100's of room boxes with it.
I also started my Halloween box, this one measures 12" x 12" x 7"  deep. I gave the outside of the box an acrylic wash of  "grungy" grey and splodged (if that's a word? spell check says NO) Polyfilla on the walls. It all took forever to dry as it was so cold yesterday, or maybe that was me being impatient! 

I am hoping to paint the walls today with a slightly off colour white and then "dirty" it with black pastels so it looks grubby. I have cut a piece of card stock to fit the floor and am going to use egg cartons to make flagstones, I've never done that before so it will be a learning curve. BUT , and there's always a but with me and minis, I must finish putting up the curtains (RL) in the back bedroom and make up the bed with the new bed-linen ready for Emma next Saturday night, OMG!!! 7 more sleeps to the wedding. EEK. 
See you later....

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