Sunday, 28 November 2010

Update On The Weather.

I said yesterday that the weather was forecast to dip to -6, well it got even colder than that, -9. What is it with the UK weather? Last year we were all shocked when it snowed before Thing-mas, contrary to popular belief the UK rarely has a white Thing-mas, our first snow fall usually comes in January but when it came last year it came with a vengeance and now we have bad snow, in some parts of the country, in November. It hasn't reached here yet but is forecast for tomorrow, the temperature is now -5 and it's only 10pm. So much for global warming!!


  1. Oh my, that's so darned cold! We're having a wet and cool early summer here in the south east of Australia. One place has already had 4x the previous November record rainfall.

    An environmental science professor friend of mine says these weather extremes are all part of the climate shift, that the commonly held idea that everywhere is just going to be warmer is too simple. In New Zealand we have to cross a tidal inlet to reach the little village where our coastal cottage is located, that builtup roadway is now commonly under water at high tide so the local council is now looking at where a new road can be built to bypass this inlet. Just a tiny indicator of rising sea levels.

  2. Not to be mentioned before the 1st December.