Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Update On Fern.

Unfortunately the steroids are again upsetting Fern's stomach and she hasn't eaten for 2 days, a trip to the vets was called for tonight where she was given an anti-biotic shot and a 3 day course of meds to hopefully settle her tummy down. The good news was they did a blood test while we were there and her count is up to 32, only 3 points to go although she won't be out of the woods until we start cutting down on her steroids and we see whether her immune system is working properly again. If she has a relapse there is nothing they can do but I'm trying not to think about that as it's too upsetting. The vet is convinced the reason she has done so well was because before all this started she was an extremely strong, fit dog and we can only hope that it will carry her through, fingers and toes crossed.


  1. Hope all goes well, I know just how much they mean to you, only another dog (and cat) lover would really understand:)

  2. Thanks, not on internet much at the moment, so only just picked up your message.