Monday, 22 November 2010

Update On Fern.

Welcome to my newest follower Kim R.
 Good news on the Fern front, the vet has decided the time has come to start reducing her steroids, although it could be months before she is off them completely. The bad news is her fur has been dropping out along her back and they thought it was a re-action to the steroids but because they are repressing her immune system she is open to infection and they now think she has picked up ring-worm! Even more tablets to take, I'm sure if I listened hard enough I could hear her rattle and she has to have a  bath every 2 days, she's never had a bath in her life!! Springers don't need bathing as they have an oil in their coat that sheds mud, you can always tell where they have been lying after a shoot by all the little dust piles on the floor.
See you later....

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  1. thank you for the welcome Chelle ♥ Poor Fern- I hope she gets through her meds quickly and that the baths are not too hard on her. Wish I could give her a little hug!