Thursday, 18 November 2010


This is the window that is waiting for curtains, I hope it's not holding it's breath as when I'll get round to making them I don't know LOL

At the moment it is just attached to the wall with "Blue Tak"

 Also a piccie of the wedding favour buckets with ribbon attached, not strictly mini but either way, they are small. They're 2" tall.

Talking of the wedding, Emma is due to go to the Isle of Man tonight on her Hen weekend but due to adverse weather across the Irish Sea some ferry crossings have been cancelled EEEK! let's hope the weather calms down.
 See you later...


  1. with that great a view, why hide it with curtains!! Frame it out & leave it be.
    Will the buckets be filled with that's a tradition.
    hugs K

  2. What a lovely view. I hope you get your oomph back soon.

    I like the little buckets too - what are you filling them with?

  3. Not mints. She's got red heart shaped lollies and small packets of "love hearts". I think she`s also got some heart shaped sweets but I'm not sure what they're like.