Sunday, 14 November 2010

There's Snow On Them Thar Hills.

It has been a fantastic Autumn weekend up in The English Lakes although with the gales that battered the UK on Thursday much of the colour has gone but it did bring out the child in me as I can't resist kicking up the leaves. :-D  This morning in the distance towards the Langdales the snow had fallen on the mountains and it was a glorious sight, I don't care what anyone says but the English countryside, and Scottish for that matter, are the most beautiful in the world, hey we may not have the brilliant weather but we have some of natures fantastic eye candy! Bramble worked her little cotton socks off yesterday on the shoot and all the shooters commented on it, which gave me a warm fuzzy "glow" as I am the one who works with her during the week to come back to the whistle and obedience, and Fern is rallying to going on walks so life is sweet, pity tomorrow is Monday! but I can't have it all.

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