Monday, 14 February 2011

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays?

That Monday morning feeling again, Urgh!!! I think it is compounded this morning by the fact I am back at work, although why that makes a difference I don't know as I enjoy my work, I know I'm a saddo to enjoy cleaning but it is something I really do enjoy. I go into work for 3 hours and as long as I do my job properly, which I do! I am left alone to get on with it, nobody breathing down my neck and no hassles. Bliss. I think the reason for my blues is the fact I have just had a week of annual leave and I don't know where the hell the time has gone?! All the plans I had for my dh seem to have flown out of the window, granted I have had my hands full with little Bracken but even so I feel I should have got more done. I did get it papered , a new floor and put the lights in but the lights are still not connected and I'm not looking forward to doing it as it is one job on a dh that I hate, they are so temperamental.  The bits and pieces are back in so it is looking like a proper room again.

I did plan to do the electrics yesterday but we decided to take a trip up to the Lakes to check on how the van had come through the bad weather. Luckily everything was OK, no burst pipes or anything so when we start going back (3 weeks and counting!!) there will be nothing to spoil it. It was Bracken's first trip out and although everything was new and strange to her she took it all in her stride and the staff and customers, at our local up there, made such a fuss of her. I really do miss not going to the van as it is a mini holiday at the end of the week, roll on 4th March!

See you later....

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  1. the end of time off is never great- no matter how much we love our job...because, who doesn't love time to themselves to do their own projects? I think you accomplished quite a bit considering you have the new pup and a new puppy is almost like having a new baby--one that can chew things up! Have a good week Chelle :)