Monday, 21 February 2011

A Frustrating Sunday And A Dilemma.

Yesterday dawned grey, miserable and cold so there was only one thing for it,stay in the warmth and do some mini-ing. I installed the lights in the attic but hadn't connected them so that was the job to do, although I must admit I have been dragging my feet a little bit as I find it a really fiddly job, take the bull by the horns and get on with it. 3 frustrating hours later, much teeth gnashing and many, and I mean many, choice words turning the air blue I  finally admitted defeat and threw the towel in. A trawl of the internet was called for and as I haven't ordered the LED's yet for my Halloween box I paid a visit to    where I have purchased them from before. No luck, they still haven't got them on their website so I gave them a call this morning, but while I was browsing the site I came across an "Easy-wire" system which consists of connection blocks which seem to do away with the socket and stupid 2 pin white plugs, during our conversation the nice lady on the phone confirmed my suspicions so I ordered one, she said it will be posted out today so I will let you know later on in the week how I get on.
After the battle with the lights I was restless but couldn't settle my mind to what mini-ing I wanted to do so I went to my old standby, Teapots! I have, in various stages of construction, nearly 2 dozen teapots but not one is finished, I remedied that last night, but only one!!  

So here's my dilemma, what do I do with them when they are finished? When I participated on a Forum I used to give them away but now I don't have an outlet so I was wondering whether to open an Etsy shop. Would anyone want to buy them? Decisions, decisions, my brain aches.

Welcome to my new followers Daisy Carpi whose blog can be found here   and to Ascension whose blog is here  

See you later....

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