Thursday, 24 February 2011

Let There Be Light!

I said on Monday I had got frustrated with the lighting system on my dh and had ordered the Easy wire system.
Imagine my surprise when it turned up first thing Tuesday morning.All hail Royal Mail! After a quick look I decided to leave it for another day, not because it looked difficult, but in the same package came my LED's and battery pack for my Halloween box so it was time to completely finish that. Oh how I love the Postie bringing me little packages.I installed them and covered the wire with wallpaper on the ceiling and covered the front of the box with secondary double glazing film to stop the dust getting in. For such little things they sure throw out a lot of light.I had made a Jack-o-lantern from papier mache which I stuck on the top of the box with a battery operated, flickering tea light and some picture frame round the edge of the box completed it. VoilĂ !!

 Yesterday I set to with the Easy wire and it did what it said on the tin, it was easy. 2 hours of removing 2 pin plugs, stripping wires and re-connecting the moment of truth came, switch the switch. Whey, hey all lights and fires burning brightly and first time too! It looked great last night when it had gone dark and I could peep in each window and see what the inhabitants were doing. Oops shouldn't have peeped in the bathroom, someone was having a bath.
See you later.....

A foot note, welcome to my latest follower Victoria who has a quirky little blog here
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  1. Fabulous Chelle- there are so many details to see! I love the baby in the cage- the little spider on the floor- I could go on! I'm so glad that the lighting went better this time :)

  2. Thank you for the Welcome Chelle :) Easy Wire sounds like the way to go. I love your room box! it contains all my favorite things :)

    Victoria ♥