Monday, 28 February 2011

No Minis Because Of A Mini.

 The mini that is preventing me from mini-ing is the new pup, Bracken, she is taking up a lot of my time although I don't begrudge it as she is a little gem. After my burst of activity last week with the lights in my dh and my Halloween room box nothing else has been done. I had planned to do something yesterday but we are back at the caravan this coming weekend so decided to shoot up to the Lakes to put the van back together again after its Winter shut down. Roll on 6.30pm on Friday  when we can go up there for the weekend, I am really tired at the moment and think some of it is due to not having my chill-out time at weekends. I need to re-charge my batteries.
Bracken has now had all her shots so is able to go for walks which is great as it tires her out. She really enjoyed herself on Saturday afternoon in the woods at the back of our house. It was great fun chasing Bramble around with out a cat in hells chance of catching her!! but boy was she tired on Saturday night.

Her and Bramble have become great buddies and are like the terrible twins. This was them last night after our trip up to the Lakes.

With that cheery picture I will have to leave you as my mortgage ends in 2 months, yippee,  and I have loads of paperwork to wade through, eek. 
See you later....

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