Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I decided I better make a post today as my laptop is off on a jolly tonight to be cleaned, as in physical cleaning, to rid it of all the dust etc that these things collect over time. It is getting rather hot during use and has a tendency to just shut down which is frustrating to say the least. I do have the main PC but it is in the spare bedroom so means a trip upstairs and time out to use.

Following on from yesterdays train of thought I got back to working on my dh. When I "finished" (as much as they do get finished LOL)  decorating it nearly three years ago I then decided to buy a basement for it so things had a re-shuffle and the bathroom was moved from the attic into the main body of the house and then all the attic could become the nursery.  Although my dh is electrified I have never had lights in the attic as at the time the logistics of a sloping ceiling made it awkward but I have now solved that with wall lights and LED lights on the ceiling. The LED's usually work on a battery pack but with the transformer I have I can connect them to the household electric with one of those 2 pin white plugs (don't ask me the technical bits about my transformer as that kind of thing goes straight over my head). So yesterday and today has been spent cut the grooves for the wiring, with my trusty cordless Dremel, all very slow and tedious, but I'm getting there. I found some nice wallpaper on the internet so will print that off later and hopefully get it glued in tonight after work.

The new fur-baby is due to be collected on Friday night and that is when I start a week of Annual Leave, yippee!! so I can have time all to myself to help the puppy settle in and to also to play with my dh. Oh happy days. I'm looking forward to bringing her home but some little bit of me feels it's a betrayal to Fern as my emotions are still very raw over her. Time heals I hope.

See you later....

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