Sunday, 16 January 2011

Witches Hats.

Is it really a week since I last posted? I don't know where the time goes. The first full week back at work after the Christmas hols and things have been hectic trying to catch up and get things done that were neglected while I covered other peoples work. The only mini work I've done is to make a couple of witches hats and a basket, made from needlepoint canvas, filled with fungi.

I glued the cones of the hats onto tinfoil before I assembled them so that when I attach them to the wall of the box I can bend them over and they will stay in place without the need for starch, this is a good tip for tablecloths and bed linen so you can drape them well.
My biggest job this week has been to sort out my workshop, I got the units in before Christmas which was a great help in getting everything away and out of sight but everything inside the cupboards is a mess. Although it is messy I do know where everything is, honest! but I need to organise it so I can locate stuff straight away. My biggest revelation going through my stash was "What on earth made you keep that!!?" You know the stuff, a half inch piece of skirting board, a two inch piece of craft stick, shall I go on? No, you get my drift, we've all done it. So the time has come to be completely ruthless and throw stuff out, I think by the end of the afternoon my dustbin will be rather full but the workshop will benefit from it.
See you later....

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