Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I've Gone And Done It!

What a busy day Sunday was, I set about my workshop and boy did I make headway. I sorted though all of my stash, stocks and tools, and I mean everything! I found tools I'd forgotten I had, I found stock I'd forgotten I'd bought and so much stash that I wondered where my mind was when I decided to keep it  ;-)  ??!! It paid off as the workshop is now organised and tidy.

All stash and stocks were sorted through and put in zip-lock bags and then put in storage baskets so even the inside of cupboards are tidy and best of all I know where everything is and can locate immediately. I have 2 tool boxes, a metal one under my work table, the lid has never shut, it does now and a plastic, craft type one on my work table, the lid has never shut, it does now! so all in all it was a productive day. 

On the mini front, with the little time I've had the past two days , I've been making mice. A couple of years ago I bought some mice on traps that were really cute. I long ago did away with the traps and made my own as they were too big but I love the mice. I have tried to buy the mice on their own but nobody seems to do them and it seems a waste to buy them and dis guard the traps so I decided to make my own. I chopped the head off and made a mould from Milliput putty, which is a 2 part compound that, as the name suggests, mixes to a putty  but then air dries to a rock hard substance, so now, with Fimo, I can make a two part mouse, well three part really as the tails have to be made separately as they don't need baking as long as the bodies, or they'll burn.

I won't show you the back of them as they are a bit misshapen but they will only be seen in a scene from the  front so it's OK and it will save me money by not having to buy them (Scrooge, he he)
See you later....

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  1. You must have been feeling very smug by the time you'd finished all that sorting. I DO envy you your hobby room. It all looks very efficient.