Tuesday, 25 January 2011

January, February.

I don't know about you but I hate this time of year, it's dark when you get up in  the morning and it's dark when I am coming home from work at 6.30pm, and don't shout up from down under that it's Summer time, it's so depressing. Steve and Bramble went up to the Lakes on Saturday, to be on the shoot, so technically the day was all mine to do what I wanted but I couldn't seem to settle to anything. For the past few days we have had freezing fog so everything is white and driving is a nightmare and at this time of year I seem to have no motivation to do anything. Awoke this morning to dismal drizzle so although it is a touch warmer, it's damp. I decided a trip to Hobbycraft was called for as my stock of basswood is a bit low, that's the only shopping I enjoy, and I got a few bargains in the sale including their own brand of Fimo which was only 99p. The down side was as soon as I arrived home I could hear Bramble howling, she really isn't coping on her own, so the sooner the pup arrives the better. 10 days and counting!
See you soon....

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