Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Real Life Catching Up With Surreal Blogging.

Every so often Steve and I have to spend a weekend at home instead of going up to The Lakes to do running repairs on the RL house,otherwise, when we can't go up for six weeks, out of season, it is all too much! So this weekend we decided to stay at home, bad move because it looked as though the Summer had arrived,Sod's Law. Steve spent the weekend re-painting the hallway, stairs and landing and I spent it washing the suite covers which meant having the washer on 8 times yesterday and then fighting with the covers to put them back.Why the frenzy to have everything nice? because somebody I encountered on a Forum (now de-funct ) about 5 years ago, and who I have kept in touch with is, coming over to the UK from Canada to attend her partners, daughters wedding and she wants to meet!! This no mean feat on her part as it means driving from Sussex? I think that's where it is but I'm hope less with Geography. I can't wait!
So today I was determined to make it a mini day and a made a needle felted teddy bear, he's not perfect but not bad for a first attempt and I love him, despite many stabbed fingers, I can't do this without stabbing my fingers.

His mouth looks too high but that is bad camera angle and he looks blue when he is actually green, low light level in my workshop caused that problem, and I think his paw pads would be better a bit nearer the end of his arms.

One of the ladies in my swap group had a birthday last week so I can finally show you what I made for her. This one was a challenge for me as it was a wood working project and I haven't done a lot of work with wood but I needed to use my newly acquired scroll saw to make something. 

It looks like a settle chair.

But then the back flips down to make it into a table.

I hope it arrived in one piece.

You may have noticed my pictures have a frame round them, that's because I found this web site that will edit your photos for you. It's not as complicated as Photoshop but it will allow you to add text, effects and touch up your photos and best of all it's free and user friendly.


See you later.....

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