Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Birthday Raffle.

Another sunny day in May, 4 days on the trot, can we dare hope that Summer has arrived? The DH is still away on a course so I've been taking advantage of being on my own and having a lot of  "me" time and doing plenty of minis. The swap group I belong to have a Birthday Raffle every year, this is my first year, so I decided to get organised and make a start on 4 little hearth rugs. Why 4?  because 4 fit into my embroidery hoop at once. I went for a traditional design which I'm hoping will work as at the moment they look a bit bitty.  From the back, which is the side you work from, the pattern looks quite distinct,  

But the other side looks a bit of a blur, and the stems and flowers aren't all that clear. I'm hoping it will come together when I fill in the main colour.

If not I'm scuppered!! 

We are now at the end of June and the weather has been awful, rain, rain and more rain. I'm not scuppered, I have filled in the main colour and the pattern is now a lot clearer. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but two rugs have been filled in.

I find these little needle punches rather therapeutic and as long as I concentrate I can do them while watching TV, usually on a Saturday night, at the Van watching Casualty! Lose concentration at your peril because it results in stabbed fingers, which I frequently do. 

All finished and I sat back and waited for August for the raffle to take place. We've been away to the Lakes for four days and when we arrived home last night there was a large envelope behind the front door.

Aren't they great? and the best thing is I can use all of them in my dh. I've been in swaps before and received stuff that I'd have had to have made " The Olde Curiosity Shoppe " to fit them in. Roll on next month, when it is my Birthday, and I will receive my birthday minis.

See you later.... 

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