Sunday, 8 July 2012

Time Traveller.

Writing my Blog has become a bit of a surreal experience at the moment, here I am on a sunny Monday morning in May, yes May, writing a Blog post when I know that you will be reading this in July and even more surreal is I am talking Christmas, well Christmas trees to be exact. It's all to do with the swap group I belong to, I can't immediately show you what I am currently working on as it's not fair to the recipient of the swap as it spoils the surprise. July's swap was a Christmas tree in July. I decided to make a tree from scratch with floral foam and chunky, chenille stems. First I cut the foam into a cone shape.

And then I stuck a stick in it for the trunk. Next came the tedious and boring bit of inserting the chenille stems.

I must admit I did get bored half way through and went off and did something else, which actually was just as boring but needed doing. I sorted out my DH magazines and put tutorials into a ring binder and got rid of the mags, a lot less clutter.

(Sorry about the lousy photo)

Then I got the miniaturist's equivalent of writer's block, just as a writer knows they need to write I knew all I needed to do was attach the rest of the branches but could I? could I heck! It sat on the windowsill staring at me (well it would have stared if it had eyes). for nearly 2 weeks.Then Steve had to go down to Coventry for a couple of days on a course for work and I was determined, while I had the peace and quiet, to finish the darned thing, or if not entirely finish, at least get the rest of the branches on. It was 12.50am when I went to bed but I did it!

The following day it didn't take me long to decorate it and make the pot.

Unfortunately the tree I was meant to receive went missing in the post. :-(

See you later....


  1. well that really sucks when having overcome a mini creator's block, you go to all that trouble to make a lovely xmas tree.... and then your's gets lost in the post!!
    Proud of you tho for finishing off your tree!! LOL
    hugs ~K

  2. Your tree ended up looking great Chelle. Love the idea, what an excellent way of making a tree. And it is such a shame that yours went missing when you had gone to so much effort to make a lovely swap. How disappointing for you - and for the person who made one for you. Sandie

  3. What a shame, Chelle, but at least you did the bestest you could !
    (and your tree looks really wonderful )

  4. My swap partner has kindly offered to make another one for me.