Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm In Shock!

If your family are anything like mine, where minis are concerned they urmm and roll their eyes in false interest. So imagine my surprise when Emma rang last night to ask if I was busy with my minis, scratching my head in disbelief, I asked "why?" Big mistake. She then informed me she was putting together a "De-stress" kit, as a joke, for her boss. She had made a little bag of lavender to calm the nerves but as her boss liked a G&T she wanted me to make a bottle of Gordons. So that was last night's task. I made a bottle of gin, a bottle of tonic and a glass complete with a slice.The only thing I couldn't make were the labels as my PC is still being fixed but they will only take a couple of minutes when I get it back.

Emma's prezzie, work for me!!

I also received  my first swap this week. The theme was "Lavender, lilac and lace" I made a lilac hat and hatbox, can't show you the piccies as they are on PC, it's getting to be a pain being without it, so I will post photos at a later date. In return I received two fimo teddies.

Aren't they great! They have gone straight in my attic nursery so the fur babies can't get hold of them.

See you later....

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  1. Brilliant idea! Every home should have a "de-stress" kit.