Monday, 5 December 2011

Santa's Finished!!

And so to the dressing... His trousers were made and went on with out a problem but then to the jacket, it wouldn't sit right. I fiddled about with it for a full night and even an "O" Level in dressmaking, earned a long time ago at school, wasn't much help. I knew the problem but rectifying it on such a small garment seemed an impossible task and so he was relegated to the dining room windowsill where he has stood, he stands up by himself without the need for a doll stand, glaring at me for over a week although how he can glare when he was headless I don't know but he did. When we got back from the Lakes last night I knew I had to get on with it but I was procrastinating and then Elly left a comment and it spurred me on. Two hours later he was finished. OK, so he won't win any awards, and compared to the dolls out there made by doll makers, he's a non starter but I'm not selling and he's only for my enjoyment and I'm really pleased with him.

See you later....


  1. I Love your Santa! Great job :)


  2. He looks very impressive - congratulations on a job well done

  3. I think he would win awards! He is brilliant. :D

  4. Chelle, he is great ! I know how bad sleeves can behave, it is always a struggle with mens' clothes .but i do love him big time and so should you.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, when I've had a stretch of lean times where I haven't done any mini-ing, due to work hassles (which, by the way, seem to be sorted because my manager has handed her notice in and gone) it is really encouraging to see you have stuck with me. The work thing feels like I've had a big weight took off my shoulders, time will tell, and maybe I can get back to regular Blog posts because I've got something to show. New Year, New Start!