Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Update.

Well I'm glad to say I am all sorted for Christmas, whey hay! or should that be, if I haven't got it by now we can do without? With all the Christmas preparations not much mini-ing has gone on, apart  from one, which I am rather pleased with. A couple of months ago I bought a bulk order of strip LED lights off E-Bay, they were at a price too good to resist, as you do! and apart from installing some in my dollshouse to compliment the lights already in there, they went in my stash and were largely forgotten, until that is, I got my Christmas decs out. A couple of years ago I made a Christmas box, well to tell the truth I made 2, one was for Emma, and when Steve got it down from the  loft I realised it would look better if it was lit.Out came the LED's and  in they went. When I ordered the LED's I also ordered some battery  packs, £8.99 for 5 with free p&p, you can't go wrong at that price can you? only problem was they were coming from Hong Kong and I know from past experience they can take a while. With the Christmas post etc. I wasn't expecting them this side of Chrimbo but lo and behold they arrived on Tuesday. I think lighting in a dollshouse or room box brings it to life.

And of course, Santa and his sleigh are parked outside my dollshouse.

See you later....


  1. Looks lovely Chelle! Happy holidays!

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  3. Sorry to my last poster but I deleted your comment by mistake. :-0