Thursday, 24 November 2011

Santa's Progress.

So Kryten, sorry Santa, has had his head built up with some extra Fimo so it's not so square, although I think I would have got away with it with his hair and hat. Don't look too close at the photo as it's not perfect but I think it's passable although I can't help thinking of Henry VIII every time I look at him.

His body has been padded out with wadding, I hope I've made him fat enough, time will tell.

And his clothes are at various stages of making. Hopefully I will get him finished next week. Thursday is RL cleaning day and Friday is sorting food for our weekend in the Lakes.

See you later....

Talking of the Lakes, spot the deer



  1. VERY passable. have you made progress since this pic?

  2. Just a little, he has his trousers on but I'm struggling with getting his jacket to sit right. I'll get there in the end!