Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kryten, aka Santa Claus!!

Or should that be Santa Claus aka Kryten? Two full nights of mini-ing and Santa is coming on very slowly, I told you dolls weren't my thing. I've got the basic body made with his leather boots and gloved hands but his head went weird on me in the oven and his forehead has slid to the back and given him a square head, LOL, hence the reference to Kryten the robot in Red Dwarf. With no features painted on he looks a bit spooky, like i-robot, hopefully I can build him up a bit with some more fimo because after all his head will be covered with his hat. If not I'll start again, DOH.

Oh, and as a footnote, it's official, I HATE superglue! I stuck my fingers together and to everything else so many times last night it was comical.

See you later....

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