Monday, 25 June 2012

Sock Monkey.

First things first, welcome to my latest follower, Anna.

Finally I can write a Blog Post and publish it! that's because I have finally done something for me and not the swap group. You may remember that at weekends at the van I do Punch needle as it's something I can throw in my craft bag without too much hassle, (I've got 4 projects on the go with that, BUT, they're for the swap group) but it gets a bit boring doing the same thing every weekend so I've been looking for something else to do but of course it has to be something with not too much equipment. I've looked into needle felting as I like the thought of making some teddies ( I've got the idea of a teddy bear shop room box floating about, but that's for a later date) and I came across a site on Etsy that sold kits to make sock monkeys OOAKTinyCuddles. She also has a website. where you can see some of her amazing work.I contacted Lisa and she couldn't have been more helpful, she posted it the same day and I received it the following morning. It contains 2 felting needles. enough wool to make at least 2 sock monkeys, foam pad and various other bits and pieces and instructions. She doesn't have any kits listed at the moment, I bought the last one, but I'm sure if you contacted her she would make one up for you if you fancied making one. The instructions are really easy to follow and she walks you right through everything in detail and with pictures.

So Friday night I made a start, it's ironic that the two things I decide to do at the van involve sharp needles and it wasn't long before I stabbed myself, Ouch! Once I got the hang of it the monkeys head came together quite well.

I made his body and arms and legs Saturday night.

And I finished him off last night.

I'm rather pleased with him and when I have finished the 4 needle punch items I will attempt to make a teddy.

See you later....


  1. that;a a cute little guy!! :) Thank you for the kind welcome! best greetings, Anne

  2. Chelle, he looks really fun ! Well done !

  3. Anna, thank you, I hope you enjoy reading my rather erratic posts!

    Elly, he was fun to make, apart from stabbed thumbs :-((, and he came together very quickly.

  4. Chelle he is a cheeky little fellow, you've done a great job of him. It does look like fun - but I think I would have trouble converting these to quarter scale, I'm a bit dangerous with sharp pointy things as it is lol! Sandie

  5. Sandie, thank you for your kind comment.