Friday, 28 October 2011

Sleigh Update # 3 and Up Popped a Parlour Palm

Not much to show on the sleigh front. The sack is made and a variety of toys and presents are being made but they all need assembling. It's all rather slow going and while awaiting for glue to dry again I made another pot plant, this time a parlour palm.

I don't expect I'll get much done now as I have another mini distraction . May I present........

 Moss, a twelve week old Springer Spaniel.

Bramble decided if she averted her eyes it may go away and Bracken was scared and watched her every move.

See you later...


  1. Aaaaaah what a cuties!!
    I also love the palm-plant you made.

  2. Well done with the plant. It looks great.