Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sleigh Update # 2

I've just had 2 days of annual leave, because Monday was our 30th Wedding Anniversary, but things conspired against me and I got no minis done so I was determined yesterday that the day wouldn't be wasted.

After I decided on kitchen string for the decoration and waiting for the paint to dry I set about applying it to the sleigh. Patience is a virtue I certainly do not possess! Applying a line of glue and waiting for it to go tacky and then waiting while the string dried was doing my head in and as usual I got side tracked. Remember the gift I got for re-subscribing to my magazine well it contained some blue garden pots so I decided I would make a fern to go in one of them. That of course meant also waiting for glue to dry again so I alternated between the two, wait for string to dry make leaves, wait for leaves to dry glue more string and so on and so on. Eventually all string was stuck and dry and all leaves were made.

I apologise in advance for piccie quality but I'm having to use my old camera, the lead for my usual camera is in my laptop case and I've sent my laptop away for an up-grade. DOH!


.I just need to make Santa's sack and some toys. I'll have a good look through my stash as I'm sure I got things left over from previous Xmas projects.

See you later....


  1. I agree, the sleigh looks great and besides, if you'd been able to get on with that quite quickly you wouldn't have made your fern so it's all good!

    Congratulations on your anniversary too.

  2. Chelle, this is going to be a loverly sleigh. Are you going to make an outdoor scene?
    I tried leaving comments before, but often get kicked out by google, sorry, heaven may know what is happening!!!
    Am awaiting new installments!

  3. Hi Elly, it's for the dh at Xmas, a whole lot of work for a couple of weeks but, hey ho, I'm having fun although I'm not as comfortable about making a Santa. I'll give it a go though.