Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Mojo's back.

Finally, after over five months, my mojo has returned. I've spent most of the day sat in my workshop making my old stand by, teapots, three of them to be exact. OK so teapots aren't original or the most exciting but, quite frankly, anything that gets me mini-ing again is fine by me. It bodes well for next week when I have three days of Annual Leave, taken because it is my 50th, but Ssh don't tell any one, so hopefully I can spend it in my workshop. I hope I don't run out of steam before then.

There is a third one but the daylight ran out and I couldn't get a decent piccie.
See you later.....

PS. Welcome to my newest followers. Hope you like what you see.


  1. Glad to hear the mojo's back and the little teapots are just great. Enjoy your annual leave and Happy Birthday for the day when it arrives.

  2. Cute teapots! What did you make them from?
    Enjoy your days off, and Happy Birthday!

  3. They are washing up liquid bottle tops.