Thursday, 25 August 2011

How Long Is A Piece Of String?

Actually, the piece of string in question wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be.An hour when we came back from the van on Sunday night and an hour or so last night and voilĂ ,  the flooring is down in my workshop.

                 No more concrete dust, whey hey!!

OK, so it's a boring photo but to me it now feels like a proper room and not just a add on to the house, plus a quick swipe with the mop and it is clean, good for my many allergies. 

 Thursdays are usually spent doing RL cleaning but as Monday is a Bank Holiday and Steve and I have taken tomorrow off as annual leave all my cleaning was done yesterday so today I can take it easy. A nice, lazy day.   A couple of hours at work and then jump in the car and head up to the Lakes for four days of well needed R&R, sheer bliss.  I'm hoping to make some peanut brittle today, a childhood favourite, so expect to come back slightly heavier, LOL but hopefully with all my teeth in tact.

See you later....


  1. It looks great! Flooring makes such a difference to the feel and look of a room.

  2. Thanks C, the flooring has made a great difference, it now feels like a room and this week has been easy to clean! Don't forget I am a cleaner by trade and am OCD about it being tidy ! Floor may be down but WS is a complete an utter tip :-(( Won't show piccies as I am ashamed.