Monday, 10 December 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy Part 2

I have been really busy just recently, I had to finish my advent swap presents and then get them packaged up to send, that shouldn't take long I thought, WRONG! it took most of a Sunday. Each prezzie had to be wrapped individually, numbered and then packed so they wouldn't get damaged in the post, no mean feat. I then agreed to join the Christmas Raffle which meant making four Christmas items so I could get four back. I made some Advent wreaths which I found on the internet but I'm damned if I can now find the link, otherwise I would share it as they were really easy to make but very effective.


For my part I received a Christmas cactus, a bag containing some decorations, xmas baubles and some tinsel, a knitted xmas stocking and two festive teapots.

So now it's December the 10th and I have opened ten presents.

Day 1-5

Day 6-10

10 down, 15 to go! I'm like a kid in a sweetie shop every morning and if that wasn't enough, last week I received a package from Canada that was totally unexpected.

Karin's prezzie
plus some mini pine cones which she has sent me before, but my stocks were running low, and some ice cubes to use in mini drinks. How lucky am I?

I put the RL decs up today so I took the opportunity, while I was decorating my dh to put all the things in it that I have received over the past 10 months of being a member of the swap group, it sure fills your dh good with things that you probably wouldn't think of doing yourself.

I've also been doing a lot with Fimo, but that's another story for another day. Fimo, love it, hate it.

See you later....  


  1. Lovely Chelle, and you have so many items now to make a room for thingmas :-) !

  2. I made a Christmas room box one Christmas when we were on L's Forum.

  3. You've received lots of lovely things. How nice.