Thursday, 27 September 2012

Where,Oh Where Does Time Go?

Is it really over six weeks since I last made a blog entry? I really don't know where time goes. Mind you saying that I haven't been idle, I've been working on minis for the Thingmas Advent swap, 25 little prezzies to give to someone in the group and in return I'll receive 25, one to open every day in December. I won't bore you with piccies as most of them I've made before or it's stuff  I  had in my stash of surplus makes.

Talking of the swap group, it was my Birthday last Friday and I received nine minis.




Pam 2






Aren't they great?!! Hubby got me some perfume which he gave me a couple of weeks ago because I had run out but on my birthday he gave me a Kindle!! So I've been reading as well as mini-ing. That night we went for a meal, at our local in The Lakes, and when Steve came to pay the bill it had been taken care of by the owner, so all in all it was a fantastic day.

I've decided (I think) what I am going to do with Karin's castle. I did at first think of doing a kitchen but  then when I Googled them I realised that it would detract from the beautiful stone work and a kitchen probably wouldn't have had a stained glass window so I decided on a dining hall. Silk curtains to frame the window and a simple table and chairs. I've already bought a suit of armour and the wood to make the furniture but I think I'll hold off doing any thing until after Thingmas when we stop going to the van and I will have some free weekends. 

Last but not least, please take a look at this Blog, Blake is a young man who makes some fantastic minis and is trying to fund his way through college. If you're on Facebook  like His page as well. Young people need a helping hand in this fantastic hobby.

See you later....

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