Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bad Blogger.

First things first, welcome to my latest followers although I am a really BAD blogger at the moment and haven't given you much to read (hangs her head in shame). In my defense, if there is one, the garden and veggies are keeping me busy at the moment and things at work have gone badly pear shaped and I can't think straight, never mind contemplating doing any minis.After weeks and weeks of unrest and uncertainty I was told last night that I was definitely losing the building that I clean and was being moved back to the main building and doing the Chief Constables corridor and offices, those of you who know me will know that that was where I cleaned before! Although I have no probs cleaning the Chief's office I have been really happy cleaning D Block and the girls there are really nice and as well as me being upset last night so were they. One of them even told my 2 Area managers and my manager that when I am on Annual Leave the block is never cleaned properly and none of the other cleaners come up to my standard!! Go girl!! As a consequence my leisure time with my DH last night was not as relaxed as it should have been. I woke this morning with a splitting head-ache and feeling generally C**P. I had some errands to run and just after I got back at 11am the phone rang, Lo and Behold it was my manager who told me that the person who has been allocated my block is on long term sick leave, she wouldn't say who it was, and would I consider covering it within my contract hours and just do a small amount of time on the Chief's floor!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the logic in that? All that upset and hassle and now nothing changes, was it really necessary? 
On a lighter note things are moving along in my workshop and I now have all the new worktops in and hot and cold running water and a sink, no more messing up my kitchen washing my paint brushes.

Left side with sink.

Right hand side with work table over looking the back garden.

It still needs the kick plates at the bottom of the units and a floor covering but it is near as damn it finished. Whey hey!! It's only taken 2 years, he he. 

See you later....


  1. that's work for you...nothing but drama..on a bright side I'm so jealous of your work space I wish I had that (Im in a little cubby in the familyroom)

    Marisa :)

  2. Thanks Marisa, now I've got the workshop I'm not in the mind set to use it :-(( I am going to try better next week now that work mess is, temporarily sorted, to start with the minis again.

  3. I'm jealous of your workspace too!

    It's a pity your mini world isn't allowing you to escape from the real world at the moment. I hope things improve for you soon and you get to really enjoy your mini space as it should be enjoyed!